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Jesse Martinez

I have been an energy healer as a way of life now for over 45 years, conducting well over 50,000 healing sessions. I did not take the title of Master until I completed over 10,000 healing sessions, and only after clear evidence of clients experiencing physical, mental, and spiritual healing from my work.

Master Jesse Martinez |Energy Healer

My energy work is solely based upon the science of energy frequencies and how they affect your well-being via the body’s electromagnetic field. I do not promote any religious or spiritual path.

I am an independent healer, and I do not belong to any groups or organizations. I am self-taught through decades of healing and teaching experiences, daily meditations, and intensive study of thousands of scientific papers from many universities and research institutions. Energy healing is a talent, and like many other talents, greater skill and deeper understanding comes only with consistent practice and ongoing education.

My path as a contemporary philosopher began even earlier, in childhood.
Since childhood I have had countless visions, along with 19 omnipresence experiences as an adult (where the mind opens into the infinite). These life-altering events changed the trajectory of my life in ways that have been extremely difficult and disruptive -- especially in my early life – and at other times, incredibly rewarding.

These experiences showed me we are unlimited, and that we are only beginning the journey in understanding who we are. I have devoted my life to healing and the pursuit of greater consciousness, and seek to understand the vibrational condition of the human consciousness.

Even now, I feel very much as though I have only completed the first step on a long journey. I have learned to never stop asking “why”.