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About Master Jesse

I have been a spiritual healer as a way of life for over 40 years, and have had visions for over 60 years. In 1952, I was born into a peasant family of Catholic Mexican immigrants in the city of Chicago. In my late 20’s, after struggling with a life-long denial of my abilities, I went through 3-1/2 days of intense continuous visions. Those visions dramatically changed my life. I have spent every day since then devoting my life to healing and the pursuit of greater consciousness, through meditation and studying various spiritual and mental disciplines.

Master Jesse Martinez |Energy HealerMaster Jesse

However, I have never been satisfied with faith alone, as I have a very curious nature. I believe that the hand of Creation constructed me with great care and gave me all the attributes necessary to understand my existence. I was gifted with a large brain, as were all my brothers and sisters, and so I choose to honor my Creator and my ancestors. In honoring my ancestors (or my fathers), I have pledged myself to becoming greater than the ignorance of yesterday – that of myself and of all those who have come before me. In honoring the Creator, I study through meditation and contemplation so I may see deeper and deeper into the infinite nature of the human creation.

At the beginning of my journey, I did this solely through studying various religions and spiritual modalities; but I found too many dead ends and contradictions. They may explain what the ancient temple leaders perceived, but none gave me answers to “What am I?” As time passed, I allowed my observations to incorporate various modalities of science, medicine, cosmology, quantum mechanics, and so on. I found that in order to understand something, one must exclude nothing. It is only through the unification of various modalities can we begin to understand the vastness of our Creation.

I spent almost a decade traveling throughout the North American continent, living out of a duffel bag and a backpack. I lived with the impoverished and I lived with the well-to-do. I opened my heart and mind to many cultures of the Americas, each with its own perspective on Spirit and reality. At first I was like others, attempting to find the ideal explanation or the ideal temple; but only finding that everything was of the past, and that none were truly honoring their ancestors. Everything was doctrine and heresy from the ancient past (heresy being in relationship to present-day interpretation of what was said or written in the past). I found that there was nothing of the Now. Through my meditations, in time my mind began to open into the infinite.

On one of these occasions, I had an omni experience (when the mind opens into the infinite), and I found myself standing in infinite knowledge. In that moment, I comprehended everything and bore witness to the ancestors, as they, too, witnessed what I had witnessed. As the ancestors returned back into their earthly consciousness, with great joy they attempted to articulate their experiences, but were limited through their belief systems and the limitations of the language of ancient days. Even with the evolution of language as it exists today, I cannot articulate what I witnessed without it being taken out of context and possibly being made into a religion.

These events compelled me to extend and broaden my observation of our environment, beginning with my own physical being, my emotions, my desires, and the Cosmos itself into the understanding that everything is important and that I exist everywhere; that everything is part of me and I am part of everything. And because of this, I choose to incorporate as many fields of science as well, so that I may understand Existence.

All of this has, along with the tens of thousands of healings I have conducted, has led to the creation of Apex Energy Masters.