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Intuition is Energy

Master Jesse approaches his Intuitive Readings as he does with his Energy Healing practice: he focuses on the various wavelengths of energy you are emitting. In an Intuitive Reading, this allows him to see your current path in life.

Is an Intuitive Reading with Master Jesse a Psychic Reading?

The simple answer to that is, yes (and no). Why? They are essentially the same, but the word psychic has been misused in so many ways throughout the ages. A real psychic simply interprets energy.

Today, through modern technology and research we now have evidence that psychic intuitive abilities are a natural phenomenon within all of us – and like anything, with different variations and degrees.

Intuition is truly just tapping into quantum universes, which are places that exist without judgement, where knowing exists without words.

What to Expect During Your Intuitive Reading

When Master Jesse conducts an intuitive psychic reading, he attunes himself to the vibration of your voice and it tells him a story. As long as he can hear your voice, he can provide you with a highly accurate intuitive psychic reading, whether in-person or remote.

During your Intuitive Reading, Master Jesse is tapping into what more than likely will occur based on where you are allowing the flow of your or others’ energies to take you. He does not predict the future. Instead, he “sees” strands of time that can happen. As a seer, Master Jesse can help you understand where you stand now, and where that “now” may take you into the future – which will ultimately help you understand yourself better and the choices you make.

Compassionate But Truthful

Master Jesse will tell you the truth of what he sees, and his readings can be very intense as he tells you what you need to hear, not what you necessarily want to hear. He is very direct and his speaking style has been described as politically incorrect (in a good way!), but also very compassionate. He uses common language and humor that most can relate to.

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